eLearning Simplified

Implementation of e-learning can be a significant challenge for any training organisation or SME. There are concerns about:

  • Required technical competencies
  • ICT infrastructure
  • Compliance considerations
  • Value for money implementation
  • Upskilling of staff, and
  • Uptake by students

Trainspace eLearning consultancy and implementation services addresses the challenges posed by eLearning for those who just don’t know where to start. We have implemented eLearning for Government agencies, RTOs and SMEs. Trainspace elearning solutions will facilitate:

  • low cost implementation utilising a balance of open-source and commercial off-the-shelf software
  • rapid content authoring through a choice of contract specialists or training of existing staff
  • compliance oriented training and assessment with a history of successful eLearining implemenation within the existing AQTF framework
  • ongoing technical support post implementation

Moodle is the Trainspace preferred learning management system (LMS).