RTO Consultancy

Trainspace has an integrated RTO systems approach to its consultancy services. As opposed to ‘band-aid’ and reactive solutions which merely get you across the line, our consultancy aims to improve your overall business and training operations in a way that will make you more organised and in control of your training business.

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Trainspace eLearning consultancy and implementation services addresses the challenges posed by eLearning implementation for those who just don’t know where to start

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RTO Systems

Trainspace can provide you with a complete system solution for operations of your training business. Everything you need to operate your RTO is integrated into one single systems solution

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More about us

Who we are

Trainspace is a network of training and e-learning professionals with a proven track record in the accredited training and e-learning sectors

What we do

Trainspace has successfully completed projects for government, RTOs and SMEs. We meet the challenges posed by training contexts with our products, services and use of technology.

Why we do it

We enjoy delivering two things:

  1. Better outcomes for the Learners who experience your training
  2. A more organised training business for ‘you’ our client

Where we do it

We come to you to find out what you need. We then meet with you online and over the phone to keep the consultancy costs down.